Agreements And Policy

Agreements to using our services.


The website is open source and will be published like any other repository.


The website will be a Github Pages project but can use custom html and generated html.


The hosting service can offer things like Google Analytics & Google Search Console.


The user can use a custom domain but the service can offer a


The service can not ensure that the site always works and is not responsible for the uses of the site and the site experience.


The site must have a comment in the html head section as such:

This site is Hosted by


The service is free of charge


The service offers Github contribute access to the user.


Your site can be terminated at any time (without notice)


We do not offer hosting for blogs that required the Service to manually type in a blog post, the only content updates we give are simple and not regular. We do not update your site under a schedule!)


You can change your websites template But we won't do it for you.


You own the site and we have nothing to do with any of the sites content. If you get any trouble with the law or any privacy policy we have no responsibility for you and your site.

You Agree to these terms when you sign up with us. If you violate our terms then your site can be and will be immediately terminated