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Free Templates

Choose any web template you want but we can also give you a list of free CC Templates to Choose from


We offer services like Google Analytics, Domain Registration, Google Search Console, Business email registration and more. Read More


We offer free website maintenance and updates For as long as you wish. Please read the Agreements

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Create & Host your awesome website in 5 simple steps!

Have an idea!

Have an idea for your website, Think about colors, design and content. This could be a business website,
or just a portfolio for your self or your brand.

Choose a template

Either use your own code, find one Online or (Recommended) Choose one from Templatemo Where all website templates are published under a Creative Commons License Witch allows you to have no required credits or links to them.

Please note that we are not partners with templatemo.com and do not have an agreement! Please note too that if you choose a template from another website we can't assure that they approve that you remove credits from them. (We do not have any responsibility for your copyright violations and have nothing to do with them.)

Get your content

This means write, download... ALL text, labels, layout, photos, logo, contact info, and links and plan where everything will be placed according to your previously selected template. Here Is a good website for finding free CC Licensed Stock photos for your website. The Content you will need for a Templatemo.com Website Template is the following sections:

  1. A welcome/introduction text

  2. About us information and presentation of the website/company

  3. Some templates have a 'Featured' section so check your template for that
  4. Some templates have a 'Services' section, again check your template for this.

  5. A projects/portfolio section, With images and text. Remember that these section can be used for different types of information this is just what the type/style of section is called.

  6. Some templates have a 'Blog' Section but since we don't offer posting blog post with our services (You can host a blog you just need to add your content your self) We recommend to use this section for something creative.

  7. Next up is the contact section, This section is pretty self explanatory.
  8. Footer, Also self explanatory.

Now remeber you can reuse a section on the page, You can rmeove sections, buttons and Headings Just tell us about it and we will modify the template for your needs.

Fill out a form

This is where you put your contact info, text, image links (No files just links!), and ideas. We will take it from here


We will take it from here! Your site will be up and running in about 1-3 Weeks. You will get an e-mail when your site is ready to be published for final review.


Agreements to using our services.

Free Of Charge

Hostsource is free and have no hidden fees. The only thing you might need to pay for is a domain name (Witch is not necessary you can get a .tk / .ml / .ga / .cf / or .gq domain from Freenom) and or a business email address.

Open Source & Github Pages

Every site hosted by us will be hosted using Github Pages Witch is a tool for creating a website for your Github repository's how ever you can host any website (index.html) using Github pages. We are simply a company that offers to do all the hassle for you. We are not partners with Github. Open Source means that anyone can lookup your websites source folders via Github's Website They cant change it but they can see it and copy it, But because we are in the first place using CC Licensed HTML5 Templates and Images it really doesn't matter for you and non technical people. making your website open source is actually a positive thing because this way you can have a good website, your clients are happy and will probably never visit the Github page just the wwww.yoursite.tk 'version', and other people can see your site and then get ideas on how to improve there site by reading the source code on Github, so everyone wins, You are happy, Your clients are happy , And the third person is happy!.

No Visable Credits Required

When you host a site with us you then you do not have to put some kind of link or copyright or 'design by' stuff on your site, But of course it's always welcome ;) . We can't require you to do this since Github Pages doesn't require it. The only thing you need to do is to put a comment in you HTML code (We will put it there and if you remove it your site will be removed!) If you don't know what this means then a comment in code is simply some text inside the source code witch will only be seen by a person reading the code and will not be visible on your site!


Services we offer are:

Freenom Domain Registration and Updating

Google Search Console Registration

Google Analytics HTML Tracking code implementation

Custom html code ex. Pay Pal Buttons

Content Updates (not for Blog posts)

Logo creation (Requires credits!)

Github Wiki Page

Customer Support

We Can Give You Full Control

We can register services like Freenom domains, Github repository's, Google Analytics and more and if you want to we can give you control on this. Ex. We can add you as a Contributor to the Github Repository so that you can enter content your self (This requires a Github account and some HTML knowledge) We can make you a owner on Google Search console and Analytics or you can register your self and just ask us to put the HTML code onto the site witch is required. If you want anything or change your mind please contact us!

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